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2019 Blatná - Soccer field with UMT

2019 Blatná - Soccer field with UMT

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2019 Žďár nad Sázavou

2019 Žďár nad Sázavou - reconstruction of the sports complex of the elementary school Švermova...

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Bratislava – ZŠ Ružová Dolina

Bratislava – ZŠ Ružová Dolina – PORPLASTIC EP

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Afrtificial sports surfaces

We are a company that specialises in the construction of artificial sports surfaces. We focus on the construction or renovation of outdoor and indoor sports facilities, especially on multi-purpose sports grounds, artificial grass fields, tennis court surfaces, fitness centre floors, playgrounds, flexible mats and coloured markings for specific-use surfaces.

Outdoor sports surfaces

In the construction of artificial sports surfaces for outdoor use we focus on track and field running tracks, multi-purpose sports grounds, artificial grass soccer fields or tennis courts.
Polyurethane surfaces are used especially in the process of construction of track and field running tracks, sports fields, handball, basketball or volleyball courts or multi-purpose sports grounds.
Acrylate surfaces include the new surface materials entitled Durflex and Tenflex. These surfaces can be applied directly onto a bitumen underlayer. They are suitable for ball game sports grounds, biking or inline skating surfaces.

Indoor sports surfaces

Artificial sports floors used for school gyms, sports halls and gymnastics halls are made of polyurethane surfaces. These sports floors are highly durable. The floor is suitable for organising social and cultural events as well.
Sports surfaces to be used in tennis halls can be built using polyurethane and acrylate surfaces, artificial grass or clay imitation.

Artificial grass

Artificial grass is particularly suitable for soccer fields and tennis courts. We deliver artificial grass surfaces with combined dry shake – silica sand and recycled rubber. Artificial grass is a very authentic imitation of real grass.

Flexible mats and playgrounds

Playgrounds and flexible surfaces are the safest artificial sports surfaces that protect your children. These sports surfaces have no joints and eliminate the risk of tripping. These flexible mats are permeable, their surface is flexible, easy to maintain and durable.

Specific use surfaces

Specific-use safety surfaces are applied directly onto a bitumen or concrete underlayer. Coloured markings are used for sports facilities and for safety markings on pedestrian crossings, parking lots or bike paths. Safety markings on specific-use surfaces are colourful, i.e. visible, skid-proof, durable and resistant to abrasion.

Flexible rubber surface

Rubber surface is suitable for gyms, home fitness rooms or for ice hockey arenas. This flexible surface is highly durable and skid-proof. Skates and spiked running shoes can be worn on it. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Designing and consultancy

We can offer you a review of cross-sections of individual sports surfaces, as well as the best use and application of each sports surface offered, compliance certificates for these surfaces and of course  references for our previous sports facilities.

We also offer free-of-charge consultancy services in the area of sports facilities. We offer professional elaboration of projects and project documentation, building permits, building inspection, delivery and assembly of artificial sports surfaces, facility approval and the provision of sports equipment as needed.